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These Are The Best Times Of The Day To Drink Water

When should you drink water?

It is good to drink water during the day but knowing at what times your body needs it the most is even better. Having such information in your arsenal and keeping your  fluid intake up will not only help you feel perked up, rev up your digestion, achieve a dewy blemish-free skin, but will also come in handy in your battle against excess weight. About 60% of the adult human body consists of water, so keeping it hydrated is one of the basic needs (4). To fully experience all the positive effects of water, an adult person must drink 8-10 times a day (6). Here are some recommendations on when you should drink water:

First thing in the morning

Gulping down a glass of water first thing in the morning snaps you out of a drowsy state, rehydrates your body, kick-starts your digestive tract and flushes out harmful toxins. On top of that all, 500 ml of water on an empty stomach increases the metabolic rate by 30%. Such an increase reaches its peak after 30 minutes. Therefore, you should wait 30 minutes and then enjoy your breakfast (7).

Drink water before meals

If weight loss is top priority on your agenda, slurp down a glass of water before digging into your food, it will not only keep your body hydrated but will also reduce your calorie intake. Research held in the US shows, that people consume fewer calories when they drink water before eating (5). However, remember that between drinking water and having a meal should pass at least 30 minutes (2).

Drink water before and after exercising

Working out requires a greater amount of liquid than any other daily activity. Exercising triggers sweating which in turn may cause dehydration, that is why it is necessary to have at least one bottle of water before getting a head start on exercises and one after wrapping them up.

When you are feeling tuckered out or under the weather

When you catch a bug, you should curl up in bed, rest and drink lots of warm fluids. It will help you fight off a cold and stay hydrated (1). The same goes for drowsiness or exhaustion. Weariness is a symptom of water depletion; therefore, drink water and it will keep you from feeling yawny in the middle of the day.

Before going to bed or taking a bath

If you are planning to take a bath, have a cup of warm water, it will lower arterial pressure. To stay hydrated while you sleep drink a glass before going to bed. It will reduce the risk of a stroke or a heart attack. They occur mostly in the morning due to one of the symptoms of water deprivation – blood thickening (3).


Hydration is a very important process you shouldn’t neglect. That’s why a healthy person should drink water about 8-10 times throughout the day. Your body should be getting water from the early morning, when you wake up, until the late night when you go to sleep.

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